GeoDia ( is a project of the Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services of the College of Liberal Arts of the University of Texas at Austin. It uses the timemap.js library ( developed by Nick Rabinowitz, who is also part of the project team.


Dr. Rabinowitz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics; he proposed the GeoDia project, coordinated its execution, provided content, supervised students, and is responsible for ongoing content development and external collaborations.

LAITS CONTRIBUTIONS | Peter Keane, Suloni Robertson, Stuart Ross, and Adrienne Witzel

Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services staff included the Project Manager, Peter Keane, who oversaw project completion, and Stuart Ross, who carried out programming that integrated timemap.js with the DASe media repository. Adrienne Witzel oversaw the beta-testing and second-phase development, and organized historical and visual data in DASe. As Visual Designer, Suloni Robertson created page graphics and layout designs for the user interface.

CO-PRIMARY INVESTIGATORS | Rabun Taylor, PhD and Jennifer Gates-Foster, PhD

Assistant Professors Taylor and Gates-Foster, both of the Classics department, contributed significantly both to the development of GeoDia and to its content.

CLASSICS & ART HISTORY STUDENT COLLABORATORS | Taylor Bose, Sarah Davies, Jacob Garner, Ann Morgan, Ufuk Soyoz, Abbey Turner, Miriam Tworek-Hofstetter, and Mike Wham

Classics graduate student Abbey Turner created the basic culture and periodization schemata used by GeoDia. Classics graduate students Taylor Bose, Sarah Davies, Ann Morgan, and Miriam Tworek-Hofstetter and Art History graduate student Ufuk Soyoz geolocated, periodized, and added images to an initial set of sites in the summer of 2009. Classical archaeology major Jacob Garner scanned and uploaded images in the summer of 2009. Sarah Davies geolocated, periodized, and added images to a second set of sites in the summer of 2010. Undergraduate Mike Wham researched and added events in the summer and fall of 2010.


GeoDia has benefited greatly from conversations and collaborations with Tom Elliott and Sean Gillies of the Pleiades Project (, Stuart Eve of L - P : Archaeology and Fasti On-line (, Sebastian Heath of ISAW, Leif Isaksen of Antiquist (, and Eric Kansa of OpenContext ( Direct collaboration is still in its very early stages, but we hope that these first steps will lead toward significant improvements in the interoperability of geotemporal data.


Classics Professors Jennifer Gates-Foster and Rabun Taylor, together with Art History Professor Nassos Papalexandrou and lecturers John Friend and Constanze Witt, generously encouraged their undergraduate students to participate in two rounds of beta-testing and user surveys.